Product Description

Very popular among professional users as well as casual users, the Bosch Bluetooth enabled laser distance measure does its job superbly. The Bosch GLM 50 C comes with a ton of high end functions such as real-time length, area and length. Advance feat5ures include minimum/maximum, angles, double indirect and stake out.

Precision is what makes this laser measuring device outstanding and it can easily measures up to 165ft. Coming as standard feature on this device is the real time measurement which is very useful for users to see the measurement recording in relations to the intended target point. Using the stakeout measurement, pinpoints are identified and recorded every 6”.

Boosting the usage of this device is enhanced by the easy to use and navigate keypad that allows users to input functions quickly and easily. The large lettering backlit LCD display ensures that readings are highly readable in any light conditions whether it"s outdoors or in dim or no light condition indoors. The GLM 50 C is protected by a sift grip that goes all round the device to take knocks and bumps and around tough worksite conditions. Using a pair of 2 AAA size batteries can give you Approximately 10k measurements.

With a small footprint, this device is highly portable and fit into any shirt or pants pocket easily without being cumbersome or intrusive. Being square in shape, it also gives users the flexibility of measuring objects or target from any flat surface accurately. At the bottom of the device is a 1/4” tripod thread that takes any tripod of that thread size. When using a tripod with the Bosch GLM 50C, 3 measuring reference points can be achieved which is the front, center and back.

If you want to make error free calculations, use the free Bosch measure and document App to calculate, record and save your data after each reading. The flexibly of this Bosch App allows you to place an overlap on your p0hotos with important notes, readings and markings which can then be saved on the App or emailed and share with your clients or colleagues.

Another useful and free App from Bosch is the Floor Plan App which allows users to measure digital blueprints of a floor plan or room. With this App, You also =have the flexibility of creating your own floor plans or modifying existing ones easily which can then be stored on the App or emailed and share with your clients or colleagues. The free Bosch Apps works with most Android and IOS devices that has the latest operating software.

Features At A Glance

  • Highly readable back light color display for used in any lighting conditions
  • Measuring distance extends to 165 feet with +/- 1/16″ accuracy
  • Built in bluetooth
  • Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect
  • Realtime relative measurement


  • Very accurate real time measurements
  • Free Bosch app is an added advantage if you want to avoid errors in your calculations
  • Small size makes it highly portable
  • Well built to take knocks and bumps at the worksite.


  • Batteries may not last as claimed
  • Using the phone Apps may be cumbersome and time consuming

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