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What Can You Do with a Bluetooth Laser Measure?

Back in the bad old days, measuring anything related to construction has to necessarily be a manual measurement. I hope I don"t need to remind you of how problematic that is. When you do things by hand, you"re pretty much rolling the dice. You really are. I know that"s kind of a stark and black and white way of putting it, but there"s really no other way to say it.

You see, there are so many different variables when somebody measures something manually. It doesn"t matter whether the person in measuring distance or measuring depth or alignment or grade, all of these really involves four key structural weaknesses that get in the way of top notch productivity.

If you are a contractor or if you run a contracting business, you know full well and intimately how important managing costs are. The problem is, your costs start to balloon in a very creeping and almost imperceptible way when you let inaccuracies and procedural issues balloon. And this is precisely the risk you run with manual measuring devices. Whether we"re talking about a plumb line or a hand level, or even a simple tape measure, they all lead to the same place.

Here are the four structural weaknesses of traditional manual construction measuring tools

First, accuracy is going to be dicey. Let"s face it, on certain days, you wake up on the right side of the bed. You are ready to take on your day. You"re ready to do an amazing job. Your focus is at 100%. In fact, in some days, your focus is at 1,000%. When you measure something, you only measure once because you know that it"s going to be accurate.

It would be nice if all your days are like this. However, all of us being humans, can"t put in days like that on a consistent and constant basis. On certain days, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. On certain days, we just don"t feel like showing up at work. On other days, certain areas of our lives get the better of us and catch up to us and we"re thrown off track. Whatever the reason is, your accuracy is a little bit off.

Now, I don"t care whether your accuracy is 1% off or even 0.5% off, as long as it"s inaccurate, you are going to run the risk of loss. You"re going to have to measure again, and that cuts down on productivity. You"re going to have to work around or rework stuff that is based on faulty measurements. That is going to really set you back.

Do you see how this works? A little bit of inaccuracy is too much. It"s unacceptable. And that is precisely the reason why manual construction measuring tools should be a nonstarter for you.

Second, manual tools lead to uneven results. Uneven results really highlight the implications of inaccuracy because there is such a thing as a minimal threshold. In other words, there is a margin for error in anything. You know this, and I know this.

But the problem is, if too many of your measurements and, most importantly, your actual work, is based on the minimal threshold, eventually, at some point in time, all of this will come back to haunt you. All of this would have a cumulative effect and the work quality of your crew at the work site would be, at best, uneven and at worst, completely unacceptable.

Do you see how this works? You might think that screwing up a little bit here and there or coming in below standard here and there is okay and nobody"s really watching, but believe me, just because an ostrich puts its head in the sand doesn"t mean that the lion isn"t there. Uneven results, ultimately, lead to unacceptable work.

The next weakness of manual construction measuring tools is instability. You might do a great job at certain aspects of the jobsite, but when it comes to other sites you are consistently bad. This is going to have a serious impact on the overall quality of the job and this might prevent your company from being selected again the next time you bid on a job.

Finally, manual tools, as awesome as they may seem at first, ultimately rely too much on skill. This should be a no-brainer. Somebody who is a wizard with a tape measure is able to take the accurate measurement day after day, week after week, regardless of how hung over he is or regardless of how much drama is going on is his personal life. But the problem is, what if that person doesn"t have stellar skills? What if that person is a recent hire? What if that person just got out of an apprenticeship program? You may have a disaster on your hands, and the worst part to all of this is you"re completely clueless about it.

The Answer? A Laser Measuring Device Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35 New Price: $54.88 Old Price: $79.99You Save: $25.11 (as of 09/21/2018 19:18 UTC)

Forget about manual construction measuring tools. They are a day late and a buck short. Seriously. The best way forward is to use a laser measuring device. Whether you"re trying to determine a plumb line, or trying to determine if an item is level, or trying to measure distance, it"s all about laser accuracy. Seriously.

If you harness the power of light, you will no longer have to worry about accuracy. It gets rid of guesswork, it gets rid of instability, it gets rid of uneven results. The reason is because you end up digitizing or rationalizing your results.

Everything is numbers driven. Everything is objective. There is no wiggle room. Either you get an accurate reading, or you don"t. Either the laser pans out, or it doesn"t.

Accordingly, you are not dependent on the skill of the operator. Whether that person is wet behind the ears or a seasoned veteran with decades of experience under his belt, that person is going to come up with an accurate reading day after day, week after week, month after month.

This predictable accuracy leads to where you needed to go. It leads to more profits. It leads to more jobs. It leads to more bids being accepted. Do you see how this works? And it all boils down to having the right tools for the right job at the right time to produce the right effects used by the right people.

Why Should You Use a Laser Distance Measurer? Stanley STHT77425 TLM30 Pocket Laser Distance Measurer, 30' New Price: $11.30 Old Price: $19.99You Save: $8.69 (as of 09/21/2018 19:18 UTC)

The great thing about laser is that there"s no lying with laser. People lie all the time. Why? They eyeball it. They give themselves the benefit of the doubt. They act based on a hunch.

Well, the problem here is, if the job that you"re working on requires top notch quality, a hunch is not enough. Not even close. You"re not even in the same ballpark. You have to take refuge in the comfort and assurance and confidence made possible by science and math. And there"s nothing more mathematically accurate and scientifically pure than laser.

We"re talking about the power of light to measure distance. You"re no longer relying on your hunches. You"re no longer left susceptible and vulnerable to small mistakes that scale up with time and distance. You don"t have to worry about that. You can kiss all that unnecessary anxiety goodbye. That"s the power of laser objectivity.

Any Laser Measuring Tool Leads to Predictable Results

So what"s the bottom line at today"s modern jobsite? Well, it really boils down to predictability. We"re not talking about skills. Machinery can replace skills. We"re not talking about labor because capital can replace labor. Instead, we"re talking about numbers. We"re not talking about art, we"re talking about science.

And if you are serious about establishing a solid brand for your contracting business, whether you"re in New York, California or Florida, you need to rely on laser measuring tools. There is really no way around it. Whether you use a Bosch laser measurer Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35 New Price: $54.88 Old Price: $79.99You Save: $25.11 (as of 09/21/2018 19:18 UTC) or a laser meter or a laser tape measure or a laser distance meter, it all boils down to accuracy and efficiency.

The worst thing that you can do is to manually measure stuff over and over again. Your best people might end up being tied down by stuff that really should be ministerial. They should just really be going through the motions if they only had the right tools. Unfortunately, this eats up so much time and, ultimately, it eats into your bottom line.

You can kiss all of that goodbye and still celebrate the fact that accuracy is crucial. This is non-negotiable. Accuracy should be the cornerstone of your business. And the good news is that there is a wide range of products available right here, right now, that would enable you to reduce measurement accuracy to a science.

It"s not a question of if, but a question of when. You"re no longer playing with wiggle room here. You"re no longer engaging in hunches. When the number comes in, it"s the absolute number to the closest one sixteenth of an inch. Now that is tight. Because if you can get tight accuracy, your profit predictability would also be tight.

The bottom line is quite simple: consistency of accuracy is indispensable. You need to wean yourself of skill. You need to get away from thinking that accuracy must automatically depend on which side of the bed you woke up on. That is too unpredictable. That is too unstable. Instead, focus and rely on the power of science and math.

This is why tools like the Leica Disto D2 Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red New Price: $162.96 Old Price: $199.00You Save: $36.04 (as of 09/21/2018 19:18 UTC) are so powerful. The Leica Disto D2 and other tools help you get it right the first time around. Can you imagine how much time you will save? Can you imagine how much more profit you could be making? Stop doing things by hunch. Start relying on science and math.

How Affordable Are These Bluetooth Laser Measure?

Most good one goes for less than $150. Models such as the Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measurer with Color Backlit Display and the Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0 are top selling models with a range of advance features that cost between $80-$120. This is a small price to pay for a tool that have the potential to save you a ton of time in your job.

Depending on what your requirements are, the ones mentioned above are good enough even if you are a professional.

Where to Find One at the Best Price

There are quite a few places online and home improvement retail stores that sells these laser measurer. Range selection and prices vary vastly from one store to another but we find that Amazon carries quite a large selection and their prices seem to be be very competitive.

With FREE SHIPPING on most items including a 2 day FREE SHIPPING if you are Prime member, they are worth visiting before you make up your mind which model of bluetoothn laser measure that you wan to buy. Check out the models below.

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